"Be the change you want to see in the world" youth potential cannot lie idle; it is either used or misused.

Message from the President

I believe that one has to be responsible enough to make a difference if one desires to see a difference in the workings of the society. >>


We need your support so that we can achieve what we have aimed at, to empower the youth by nurturing their talent and providing them a conglomerate of adequate education and healthcare amenities >>


Many institutions are ready to join hands with Youth Ladder
With their benevolent contribution they have not only visualized the organization’s vision but also they will work towards
making it a reality. >>


We are preparing an number of events that we will anouncing soon. We will need many people to come and help, please donate your time. >>

Empowering the youth

In Zambia69 percent of people are young below the age of 35 years:

they could be key for sustainable development, but unfortunately many of them are underprivileged, poor and have no one to provide them with positive avenues of life. That's why the YOUTH LADDER aims to do just that: working to empower underprivileged youth.


Why is this important?

We are a Not-for-profit, Non-Governmental and Secular organisation that has recognised the genuine problems faced by the youth today,

in terms of financial constraints and lack of infrastructure and information. We work at the grass root level and aim to empower the youth by encouraging them to recognize their abilities and implement the same with a positive outlook.